Belgian unicycle championship.

I went to BUC. This time I went with some new riders. Julia and Machtold 2 talanted kids from a circusclub where I have teached sometimes. I had a great weekend with a lot of friends. During trials I made a big crash in the first 10 min but i kept going because I wanted to do some more trials. On saterday evening after the trials we had Flatland this was also super sweet. Did not do all my tricks because I had a concussion a week before but it was super fun. On the sunday I compedet in high and longjump and made a highjump of 80cm!

1 Flatland, Trials, Highjump

2 Longjump (track)

22-23 October 2022


It was so so so good. It was very enjoyable to be riding with my friends again. I can’t describe how this community makes me feel but I LOVE IT. I competed in a large number of competitions at UNICON and made it to finals in every comp I entered. It has been insane to achieve and better my goals! I am very content with my competitions from this UNICON and I hope I could help inspire new (female) riders to start urban unicycling.


-1st Flatland female Expert (WORLDCHAMP)

-1st Street female Expert (WORLDCHAMP)

-1st Longjump on platform female Expert (WORLDCHAMP)

-2nd Speed Trials female Expert

-2nd Highjump on platform female Expert.

-2nd Stilstanding female Expert.

-3rd Trials female Expert.

26 July – 6 August 2022


It was a very sick roadtrip and I can’t thank team Rideone enough for taking me with them. Along the way we visited many locations in Germany and Switzerland including the one and only famous trials spot from the MCteam. I had a great time beeing with team rideone. Our roadtrip ended at UNICON20 where I got to see my friends again or to meet friends for the first time after years of no competitions. They also made some super nice vlogs. You can see them on there youtube channel

18 July – 25 July 2022

GUC German championships.

Went to GUC the first German championships in ages. It was the first unicycle competition for me after a while. I was happy to finaly see my friends again. Haven´t seen some of them in 3 years. The competition did not went super good but I had fun. During my flat qualification I missed a lot of tricks but during the battles I could land them. Also landed my final trick hick dubbel! This turned out to the 1st place in flatland. But of course I am not german so this place was the international place. Verry proud on Rebekka and Jasmin to get 2nd and 3rd place! In my flat qualification I made a big mistake. I forgot an verry importend rule But lucky that I got to remind about it now and not at unicon. Got second place in street. congreets to Rebekka for winning street.

25 & 26 June 2022

Belgium unicycle event.

Went to the belgium unicycle convention. Was the only one from the Netherlands but that doesnt mather for me. Had a great day with the boys and nearly landed a 80cm hop. Feld good to have an event. It was a long time ago that I saw other riders so I am hyped to ride more with people again. Cant wait for unicon.

12 March 2022

Sinterklaas 2021.

This was a verry big experiments! I got asked to say welcome to Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is something typical Dutch so if you don’t know what it is no worries. It was a verry nice and big experiments for me. I went to it for 2 days and saw a lot about the production. I am really interested in does things so I was verry happy that I could be there. Also verry thankful that they asked me.

9 & 10 November 2021

BUC Belgium uni comp.

Went to my first Belgium unicycle competition ever. Feld so good to be back after all the corona shit. I was the only expert female but that did not stop me from doing what I love. Really enjoyed being back with other unicycle riders around me. I competed in Trials and Flat but I also helped a little girl because this was her first competition ever! I went 6th in Trials and 10th in Flat (Mixed with boys)

19 September 2021

Trial comp Miloco.

youth circus Miloco and I organised a beginner trial workshop and competition for all Dutch riders. We did this to promote the sport and get kids more excited for riding trials. It was a verry nice day, hope we inspire some kids!

4 July 2021

Circus moloco.

I went to Leiden to give a nice workshop at a circus school where they are working more with unicycling. The group really loved riding and wanted to learn all tricks. It was nice to see does kids enjoying riding as match as I do. Sadly I broke a bold at the very beginning so I could not do lots of tricks to show the kids what they can learn. At the end I sold a lot of shirts and some days later I got lots of text messengers from the kids and the teachers that they loved the workshop and landed a new trick! Love to see that they are inspired  

9 Oktober 2020

Enzo Knol.

The one and only Enzo Knol went to my backyard to ride with me and Stan. He is a Dutch vlogger and is the biggest youtuber from the Netherlands. He made a super nice vlog to help us to inspire kids to get a unicycle and to ride urban. We enjoyed the day and had a lot of fun with lots of fails but he was also allowed to make his first 180unispin in my bungy thingy! Go check out his video to see his 180 and our tricks.

12 September 2020

Visit Ian.

Stan and I went to Ian for a small uni weekend. We both felt sad because of the covid situation and that all events where cancelled. I was really hyped for unicon because I really wanted to get world champ in street. The days Feld so boring without any new upcoming uni event so I decided to ask Ian if we could come over for a weekend and for a good old and gold uni weekend. The situation from covid was at that moment pretty okay so we went to Ian and we had an insane good weekend. It was pretty hot that weekend but I just needed to ride lots with the boys so we rode and had long sesh days. It felt pretty good to have a sesh again sadly it was short. Hope covid will be gone soon. Stay save!

8-9 August 2020

EUC 2020.

Back from an insane winter EUC!!! My goal for EUC this year was to enjoy and to learn new stuff. At the first day we did flatland like every year. I only wanted to do a treyflip in my run and the rest was all fine to me. Luckily I landed it! And I became second in the first round totally un expected because I didn’t focus on winning and didn’t train for my run before the comp. just before the final I got sick.. so haha I landed super less because I felt bad. Also injured myself during this finals. At the end I became 4th pretty okay

:D. congreets to Mary, Theresa and Elodi for taking the podium places!
Day 2! Also in trials I just wanted to ride and do it for fun without any pressure. At the start it went super bad but it was also like 6 months ago that I did trials so yeah not wired. Then at the end I did line after line after line witch was super nice! At the end of the time I finished my 15th medium! Got second in trials. Insane crazy!! Maybe I have to train more to get good in it. And at last streettttt!! The comp went bad and I still have to find out a good flow buttt I landed treyflip down a many pad witch was nice. Ended 1st in street! Thanks everybody!!
Cant wait to unicon! If people have tips for my street style thingy plz let me know. Wane get good in it

21-23 February 2020

ROC rideone.

I went to the open rideone comp with Balte and Wout. It was a super good day and there where nice people with good tricks. Really enjoyed that they as the other event where I go to. I love being out with the boys and girls! Thanks for the nice little event Ian!

25 January 2020

De nieuwe revu.

Some weeks ago a men from a Dutch magazine asked me if he could interview me. Of course I didn’t say no. extra promotion for the unicycle world is always welcome! The interview was nice. We talked about how I started unicycling and how I became European champion and of course we talked about unicon witch will be in 2020!

20 noveber 2019

Radio interview.

Did again a radio interview with Q-music. This time they asked me some questions about my crowdfunding for unicon. Where I try to get some money to go to the world championships. Do you also wane help me to get to unicon? Check out my crowdfunding page:

27 October 2019


Did an super nice interview at omroep Brabant. They went to my backyard and filmed a great video for in the sport news at there website. I also made it to the tv show of them later that week. Check out the nice edit they made! (only dutch)

1 september 2019

Radio interview.

Did a radio interview at q music the Netherlands! was nice to do. I told about EUC, what unicycling is what I did in England that week and what my next goal is. Sorry you can only listen it in Dutch.

12 August 2019

EUC summer

EUC summer in England! First Euc summer for me and Balte and for Stan it was his first unicycle event. We had a great time with all the riders. Thanks a lot for the organisation! Stan won Street and Flatland in junior and became second in trial and highjump junior. I went first in Street Trial and Highjump and went second in flatland.

5-11 August 2019

UF trip.

This year we (the hole UF team) went on an uf trip in Limburg. It was super nice to ride all days long with them. We also organised an UF open ride some people from Germany and also from Israel went to this super nice event full with fun. Go check out the week edit to see all our fun.

30-2 July/August 2019

Ja man camp

Had a great time at ja man camp in Germany! It was a nice week full with flatland and muni. I had 1 nice fail and needed to go to the hospital but that was it 😛 also made it into the first place in a fun flat comp (the judges don’t know what flatland is)

15-21 July 2019

Summer ride.

Went together with Balte to the summer ride from Ian. The first day we went to a super nice and big skatepark where we did some cool tricks. After that we went to a school to find some shade because it was insane hot. At the school where some super nice chil spots. We finished the sesh late and went to Ian his house to get some sleep. Or well I slept the boys where hanging out all the night :P. the next day we had a second super nice sesh in the city where Balte did an insane huge jump

6-7 July 2019

STFU trials.

Just turned back from the stfu UK trials championships! Got deam these days where nice. So good to see friends again and to be with a lot of uni riders. The trials comp is defiantly one of my best so fare. I made all 30 easy lines 12 medium lines and 1 hard line! 1st place in trials. I am so surprises that I was able to do all the trial lines which I was able to do. The ather comps: high jump (2nd) , long jump (1st) en speed trial (3rd) where not one of my best ever but still okay :p. thanks a lot to Edd from stfu London for organisating this event! And of course the people who helped.

24-27 May 2019

Street uni x.

I am a character in street uni x! the first and only sick unicycle game. This game is made by a unicyclist and he wanted to add a female rider in the game. And there I am! I am super hyped that they took me as the character in this game. I like it that there is also a female rider in the game so that girls can show there tricks also.  

April 2019

Belgium uni event.

Went again to the big Belgium unicycle convention! Sadly its not every year anymore. Now its 1 year juggling 1 year unicycling. I am not intrested in juggling so I have to skip 1 year. But this year was super nice!! Some other unicycle riders from Europa went to the event witch was super nice! Feld insane good and after it we didn’t day goodbye for long because 1 week later would be euc!

9 Maart 2019

EUC 2019.

In the last weekend from February Balte and Roos went to winter EUC2019!! One of the best urban unicycle events in the world. We both had a super great weekend with lots of riding, meeting new and old friends and fails. Balte competed in trial and flatland. his trial went good but his flat run wasn’t going super. Roos competed in flatland, trials and best trick/street. She made it till the finals for flatland and she got 1st in best trick/street. (trial 7th, flatland 5th)

22-24 February 2019

Ride one comp.

Last wekend the HOLE uf riders team was in Germany for the open contest from Rideone. We all 3 competed in flat and street. (All in expert, boys and girls mixed) Stan made it to the first place in street!! Thanks a lot to Ian from rideone for the sick organisation and the super nice worhts you give to us.

9 February 2019

Omroep Brabant.

I was on the radio at 20 January 2019. We talked about the next competition I will do and also about my new trick “trey flip” you can listen it with the link (it’s all in Dutch) you will have to go to the middle of the video to hear my interview.

20 January 2019

Cross jumps.

Cross jumps asked me to come to them to make a sick vlog about unicycling. The people who work there are super good in trampoline jumping and doing tricks and so. They tried to ride the unicycle and made super nice fails. Stan Balte and me where also on fire with doing our best tricks. Check out the great video!

19 January 2019

Louis in Holland.

Louis Stevens came to my home! All the way from Canada. He had a road trip last summer and one of his places was my home town. It was very nice to see a good friend and to ride with him all days we had together. We had lots of fun and of course we made an edit!

26-30 august 2018 


I went to Barcelona to ride with the 5k magic crew!
It was very nice to med the riders and to ride with them.
We had lots of fun during our sessions, and I made a nice clip from Barcelona and our riding sessions. Enjoy!!

6-12 august 2018

Ja man camp.

went to Ja man camp in Germany. It’s a trial flat and muni camp. It was very nice to see some new people and I rode my first downhill tour. Feels very nice to ride muni. Hope I can ride more muni in the further. There was also a flatland competition with judges who don’t know anything about flatland. it was very funny to do. Went 4th in the qualifications

16-22 july 2018

STFU trial.

Went to the England trials championships. It was a really nice competition with a big lovely trial setup. Went 11th in the trial competition, (boys and girls where mixed) and 1st from the girls. I did 30 easy lines and 9 medium lines. I also comp edited in speed trial and long jump. (Did a jump of 60cm on the pallets) It was a really nice weekend full with trials and fun!

25-26-27 May 2018

We are food.

Had a nice day during an event in my hometown. Stan, some UF kids and I showed the people how cool unicycling is and after the demo the people could try to ride on a unicycle to!

19 May 2018


This year I organised the tray out high jump competition. It was nice to do and I hope more people will start doing urban because its super fun and cool! Thanks for the good day and hopefully till next year with an official high jump comp!

29 April 2018

EUC 2018.

was not one of my best compititions. But I am really happy to see my friends again. I also met new people, which was good. At friday we did highjump and flat. I did my first seat out jump on 4 pallets and made it to the 3rd place with that. The kid in my team (johanna) did a jump up on 5 pallets!! I am so proud of what she did this weekend she is only 12 years old but men she is a beast. My flatland went okey. Saturday it was time for trials and street. My worm up was ok. Buuttt lets hold it short. My street/slopestyle was my worst of my live!! Cant wait to get into my level when I can ride outside. (1st place in street)thanks sam for the support,thanks to emile and the organisation. It was again a really nice event maybe also the best ones in the world. Thanks to mark for the seatcover! Love it. Anndd thanks to roger (impact unicycles) to give me some tips and support.

9, 10 and 11 February 2018

New year!

Yesterday I went to the new year’s reception from the place where I live. There they honoring all the people who did something greats. They also nominated me because I won a lot of medals at the European championship! now I got a great certificate from the boss of my living place. Thx for this!

3 January 2018

RTL summer night.

I was in a Dutch TV program to talk about the European championship. It was really awesome to do because yeah who is on live tv!? It was also a big chance to promote the unicycle. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

7 August 2017

Hart van Nederland.

Hart van Nederland went to EC to film some material about the European championship. They also saw me and knew me from the last time. So they wanted to interview me a second time, but this time because I won European champion in street!

1 August 2017

Radio interviews.

I did some radio interviews during EC. They saw on my Facebook page that I won some medals so they called me up for some radio interviews. It was very funny because one was calling me when I was jugding the flatland final so my Dad did a little interview as well.

ECU 2017.

EC was a really nice event! here the results:
Roos Seegers
-1st:street, speed trial en long jump (pallets)
-2nd: trial
-3rd: high jump (pallets)

Meine de Jong:
-3rd: flatland junior

Johanna Storm:
-1st: high jump (pallets)
-3rd: flatland junior, long jump (pallets)

28 July till 6 August 2017

Alphen aan de markt.

I did 2 performances on a local marked close to my home. It went really good and the people enjoyed it.

2 July 2017

Dutch juggle event.

A big Dutch juggle (Netherlands jongleer festifal) event asked me to organize the unicycling stuff at the event. I organized everything about unicycling during this event. I made a trials park for everyone and I taught people in flatland, trials or beginner unicycling.

25-27 May 2017


I taught some people during the Dutch unicycle championship (for racing). Because we only have a lot of racing people here, the organization asked me to do a workshop to introduce the urban unicycle sport. it was a nice event with nice people. Only the rain was a bid bad but riding in the rain is no problem

13 May 2017

EUC 2017.

I went to euc winter (extreme unicycle convention) in Germany. It was my second unicycle event but it was so nice! I met new people and I enjoyed it every day. Sadly it was only 3 days. But it was 3 days with a lot of fun.

Here are my results:
1st highjump (59cm)
2nd slopestyle/street
2nd flatland
3rd trial

24-26 February 2017

Hart van Nederland.

You saw me in a Dutch news program. I wanted to promote the unicycle sport so I called a news paper. Later this tv program called me and asked if they can film me for in the news program. I hope this was a good promotional video for the sport.

22 February 2017

Brabants dagblad.

This newspaper showed how cool the urban unicycle sport is! Almost 1 page for me alone! :O

20 February 2017 .

Jan rijdt door.

An old Dutch tv program helped me to promote the unicycle sport. I was in the online tv program because the tv program is not on the air anymore. The edit of this program is really nice. Even without understanding the Dutch stuff we say, you can understand it :p

10 November 2016

Radio interviews.

I did some radio interviews in some different radio studios: omroep Tilburg (a local radio), Q-music (a national radio) and omroep Brabant (a local radio). And here again I told them about the urban unicycle sport. After the radio interviews an another radio program called me for one more interview because they really liked it.

3 November 2016

Belgium uni event.

I went to a Belgium unicycle event. Here I ride together with Tim, Jelle and some other pro unicycle boys. I try to learn new tricks here and enjoy being together with other unicycle riders. I am also doing some small competitions there. The one I love the most is high jump where I made it till 60cm witch was the highest of the female riders.

20 February 2017

Circus circolo.

Went to a big Dutch circus event to watch some nice shows. But of course I also took my unicycle with me to ride a bid there. It was nice to ride there to show people what unicycling is. Later on some tv producers came to me and interviewed me about urban unicycling.

23 Oktober 2016

Digilab Tilburg.

I played in a little movie for a digilab in Tilburg. They wanted to show how cool the new stuff like a 3d printer can be. It was nice to do but lots of time to wait..

20 August 2016

Unicon 18.

In the summer of 2016 I went to unicon 18! My first unicycle event and also the first time I saw other unicycle riders in real life. It was a big event and I was a bit too shy to talk to someone but I really enjoyed this event. I also did the competitions in: trials (22nd), speed trial (6th), flatland advance (5th), slopestyle (5th), street (4th) platform high jump (8th ), high jump (13th ), still-standing (4th) after this event I really started with riding and urban unicycling.

27 July tot 6 August 2016